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Debut of a Modern Classic
Portable acoustic alternatives: Concert model for guitar & bass
How to Win the RockBoard Raffle
Handy helpers for MIDI and microphones
Blackberry Bass OD, Dyna Red Distortion 4K, Pale Blue Compressor & EQ, Rocket Grey Octave Up Fuzz in a quick overview.
New brand with utility and effects pedals joins W-Music Distribution.
It was never easier to build the perfect pedalboard!
Extreme Legacy: Reissues of the most popular B.C. Rich models are still the go-to gear for creating a sensation.
Widow, Mockingbird & Warlock – stylish alternatives to traditional bass guitars!
Why the Shredzilla is more than just an incredibly powerful Metal guitar…
Graphic, parametric, programmable: the EQ2's capabilities are a challenge for studio gear.
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