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Portable acoustic alternatives: Concert model for guitar & bass
How to Win the RockBoard Raffle
Handy helpers for MIDI and microphones
Blackberry Bass OD, Dyna Red Distortion 4K, Pale Blue Compressor & EQ, Rocket Grey Octave Up Fuzz in a quick overview.
New brand with utility and effects pedals joins W-Music Distribution.
It was never easier to build the perfect pedalboard!
Extreme Legacy: Reissues of the most popular B.C. Rich models are still the go-to gear for creating a sensation.
Widow, Mockingbird & Warlock – stylish alternatives to traditional bass guitars!
Why the Shredzilla is more than just an incredibly powerful Metal guitar…
Graphic, parametric, programmable: the EQ2's capabilities are a challenge for studio gear.
The sounds of the Diamondhead Distortion, Polaron Phase Shifter, and PowerStage 200.
Metal Cover pickups to upgrade almost any bass with premium style and sound.
Sadowsky Strings for electric bass and guitar: great quality, available in the most common gauges!
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