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Founded in 1973, Bartolini Pickups and Electronics are recognized around the world as the standard in guitar and bass guitar tone – with the broadest selection to fit almost any instrument and sound. Based in San Luis Obispo, California, Bartolini builds pickups and electronics for some of the most respected luthiers and instrument makers around the world. All Bartolini products are 100% USA manufactured and supported. Bartolini’s mission is to offer superior tone for musicians playing stringed instruments in all genres of music. The comprehensive Bartolini product line of pickups and electronics can be mixed and matched to express the individuality of any player.
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Bartolini Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup (3AV)
Bartolini Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup (3AV) Product nr.: BA 3 A V
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In search for the perfect sound

As a musician, you know how difficult it can be to bring your musical vision to life. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: the perfect sound.

Whether it's an electric bass, electric guitar, or acoustic guitar, a pickup will always play a central role in presenting the sound from your head to the audience. Even the best set suffers if the tone is not captured properly. This leaves you with a crucial question: which pickup best suits your style, your instrument, your model?

The challenge

The choice of pickups is enormous, the differences in sound are sometimes subtle and sometimes immense. While jazz bassists appreciate the warmth and clarity of single-coil pickups, rock musicians usually rely on humbuckers - for a powerful and intense sound. And for acoustic guitars, the demands on the pickup are even greater: if you try to amplify the decent sounds of the guitar, there is often a loss of sound quality or an occurrence of unwanted feedback.

Bartolini - An original from the US

But Bartolini helps you in this search.

For over 40 years, Bartolini has made it its mission to capture clear and original sound as accurately as possible.

It's no wonder that Bartolini pickups are popular beyond the USA and are used all over the world. It is therefore not without reason that renowned manufacturers are among their customers, often using custom-made solutions from Bartolini and installing them in their instruments. Manufacturers such as Ibanez, Fender and also we at Warwick use Bartolini pickups for guitars and basses.

Bartolini delivers high-quality at a fair price. Attention is paid to efficient electronics and appealing design down to the smallest detail - and this applies to every type of pickup.

Although Bartolini pickups are particularly popular for jazz bass and J-style in general, the company offers all types of pickups.

Single coils are primarily suitable for overtone-rich, clean sounds. A single coil pickup enables the most authentic reproduction of your set. However, they are susceptible to interferences.

Humbuckers use two coils that are combined in such a way that noise is hardly noticeable. This provides a warm tone and emphasizes the mids.

Dual coils offer the best of both worlds. The combination of single coil and humbucker means you are less restricted when it comes to different styles. "Stratstyle" guitars are often equipped with this combination: a single coil on the neck and a humbucker installed on the bridge.

Last but not least, Bartolini also offers sound hole pickups for acoustic guitars. Since these also work with single coils via magnetic fields, guitars with steel strings are a precondition. However, since it is always a challenge to capture the clear sounds of an acoustic instrument, a preamp is a must for these pickups. This is the only way to minimize noise and interference. Bartolini, however, offers its own preamps that are ideally suited to the selected pickup version.