Keeley Bubble Tron - Dynamic Flanger / Phaser

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Robert Keeley and his crew are fans of Zappa. Rabid fans. The Keeley Bubble Tron explores some of... more
Keeley Bubble Tron - Dynamic Flanger / Phaser
Robert Keeley and his crew are fans of Zappa. Rabid fans. The Keeley Bubble Tron explores some of the famous, but very hard to find sounds of the past. Keeley Engineering has created another batch of Neo-Vintage effects that never were. This time they made the Flanger and Phaser work dynamic with your pick attack and strength. Then add the Random Stepped Filter with the new “M-Style Synth” bandpass shaping feature, and you have a lead guitarist’s dream tool. Shut up and play your effect pedal! Yeah, you play this thing like an extension of your mind and fingers. Featuring three modes of operation, the Bubble Tron’s Flanger section draws on inspiration from the MicMix DynaFlanger. This incredible piece of gear was used by Frank Zappa to create many of the sounds in the late 70’s to mid-80’s in his solos. A dynamic flanger is one that starts and stops based on your pick attack. The Bubble Tron uses your playing to start and stop the flanger. Most flangers just cycle ‘round and ‘round and there is constant swooshing in the background. Not with the Bubble Tron, it only cycles as you play. Also most flangers offer either positive or negative feedback – the Bubble Tron’s DynaMo Flange allows you to try either. The DynaMoPhase section of the Bubble Tron is actually two phasers. One has an LFO that you set the speed of with the Rate Control (while it’s depth is dynamically controlled) and the other is a true Dynamic Phaser. It starts and stops based on your pick attack. Turn off the standard phaser and just run it as DynaPhase by turning the Rate Control off. The only part of the Bubble Tron that isn’t dynamic is its Filter Section, with which you can control the different ramps or its random nature. It features a random vintage synth-style bandpass filter and gives you some incredible keyboard like sounds. The Bubble Tron Dynamic Flanger Phaser is made in Edmond, Oklahoma by rabid Zappa fans.

  • Dynamic Flange & Phaser/Random Filter/Sample & Hold effects pedal
  • 3 Modes (Filter, Flange and Phaser), controls for Rate (Feedback in FLANGE mode), Depth (Shape in FILTER mode), Level and Sens (Resonance in FILTER mode)
  • Toggle switch to select between “FILTER”, “PHASE” & “FLANGE” modes
  • True Bypass
  • Metal housing
  • Status LED
  • Bypass footswitch
  • 6.3 mm mono IN/OUT jacks
  • Power supply optional 9V DC adapter 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center,
  • Current draw 65 mA
  • Dimensions (D x W x H) 112 mm x 68 mm x 51 mm
  • Weight 277 g
  • Made in USA
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