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Red Panda designs and manufactures musical instrument effects for experimentally-minded musicians. With a focus on digital signal processing, the company creates effects that warp, twist, and bend sound without losing the underlying musical quality and control. That is because the philosophy of founder and chief designer Curt Malouin is to create digital algorithms that behave in natural, organic ways without being direct models of analog circuits. He pushes the used hardware to its limit, developing new signal processing techniques to help musicians explore sound. Red Panda is a Detroit-based small company with far reach, and therefore uses local automated manufacturing to improve reliability and minimize monotonous, repetitive work. Since first mixing up the effects pedals scene in 2011, Red Panda pedals have been used by players of all kinds of instruments. That is because the products have a set of seamless features with an efficient, intuitive interface, high-quality sound, and unique character.
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Red Panda Bit Buffer
Red Panda Bit Buffer Product nr.: RPA BUFFER
Delivery time: 3 days ** 0,20 kg
Red Panda Context - Reverb
Red Panda Context - Reverb Product nr.: RPA CONTEXT
Currently out of stock. Delivery time on inquiry 0,50 kg
Red Panda Mixer - 3-input mixer
Red Panda Mixer - 3-input mixer Product nr.: RPA MIXER
Delivery time: 3 days ** 0,30 kg
Red Panda Particle 2 - Granular Delay / Pitch Shifter
Red Panda Particle 2 - Granular Delay / Pitch Shifter Product nr.: RPA PARTICLE V2
Delivery time: 3 days ** 0,45 kg
Red Panda Raster - Delay
Red Panda Raster - Delay Product nr.: RPA RASTER
Available in 7 weeks 0,50 kg
Red Panda Remote 4
Red Panda Remote 4 Product nr.: RPA REMOTE 4
Delivery time: 3 days ** 0,50 kg
Red Panda Tensor
Red Panda Tensor Product nr.: RPA TENSOR
Delivery time: 3 days ** 0,50 kg