Death by Audio Reverberation Machine


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A synthetic atmosphere creator. Use the effect on any instrument to add depth and simulate... more
Death by Audio Reverberation Machine
A synthetic atmosphere creator. Use the effect on any instrument to add depth and simulate different environments. Push the Altitude and hear the reverb get blasted with gloom and distorted shimmer. Flip the tone toggle to get completely different vibes. Experiment and combine a variety of settings to obtain the perfect ambiance for your sound.

  • reverb effects pedal
  • 2 reverb modes (Dark / Light)
  • adds depth and simulates different environments
  • from perfect ambiance to gloom and distorted shimmer
  • suitable for any instrument
  • true bypass
  • controls for Vol, Verb and Altitude
  • toggle switch for selecting between reverb modes
  • bypass footswitch
  • status LED
  • metal housing
  • power supply via 9V battery or optional 9V DC adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • current draw 66 mA
  • 6.3 mm mono IN/OUT
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 121 x 91 x 53 mm
  • weight 510 g
  • hand made in New York City, USA
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