Mooer E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth - Synthesizer

Product nr.: ME E7 SYNTH

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The Mooer E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth pedal can transform your guitar into a typical electronic... more
Mooer E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth - Synthesizer
The Mooer E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth pedal can transform your guitar into a typical electronic synthesizer without the need for special pickups or modifications to the instrument. The name is based on the seven different synthesizer presets, which can be edited independently of each other as desired. The presets include trumpet and organ-like sounds, sine and square LFOs, an 8-bit synth, and a synth pad. Each preset has its own Arpeggiator, High and Low Frequency Cut, as well as Attack and Speed, which allow guitarists to easily and intuitively shape the sound of the pedal - the E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth offers endless possibilities!

  • polyphonic guitar synth effects pedal
  • 7 selectable presets with individually adjustable parameters
  • individual, adjustable arpeggiator for every sound
  • high cut and low cut function
  • true bypass
  • firmware update via USB port
  • controls for Attack, Speed, High Cut, Low Cut, Mix
  • Save button
  • bypass footswitch
  • status LEDs
  • metal housing
  • 6.3 mm mono in / output jacks
  • power supply via optional 9V DC adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • battery operation not supported
  • current draw 200 mA
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm / 3.68" x 1.65" x 2.04"
  • weight 155 g / 0.34 lbs
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