Mooer MVP1 Autuner - Vocal Effects Pedal

Product nr.: ME MVP 1

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MOOER has unveiled its latest effect pedal innovation, the MVP1 AUTUNER vocal processor. Unlike... more
Mooer MVP1 Autuner - Vocal Effects Pedal
MOOER has unveiled its latest effect pedal innovation, the MVP1 AUTUNER vocal processor. Unlike most of MOOER’s products, this pedal is designed primarily for use with vocals, offering precise pitch correction and exceptional vocal enhancement features. However, MOOER hasn’t forgotten about its primary audience, so AUTUNER still provides plenty of features that will interest guitarists. Due to the pedal’s primary focus on vocals, the device includes several features specifically designed for microphone usage. This includes XLR input and output, in addition to support for 48V phantom power, ensuring that the pedal supports both dynamic and condenser microphones. However, AUTUNER also includes standard ¼” guitar inputs and outputs, along with convenient footswitch control to switch between mixed or individual signals. The pitch correction features behind AUTUNER are highly versatile. With an LED button, users can choose between flat, warm, and bright vocal tones, each indicated by a different color. Once a tone has been chosen, the 'correction' dial can be used to define the sensitivity of the pitch correction. Users can also press and hold the left footswitch to trigger the pitch correction’s vocal synthesizer mode. AUTUNER’s versatility shines particularly brightly thanks to its built-in effects modules. The first of these is delay; the delay module can be can controlled with its dedicated dial, with users having the option to choose between tape delay, digital delay, slapback delay, or bypass. The pedal’s left footswitch serves as a tap switch, which allows the user to determine the speed of the delay module. A reverb module is also featured within AUTUNER. This too has its own dedicated dial, which can be used to morph between room delay, hall delay, and plate delay. Whilst the core pitch correction features of the pedal aren’t limited only to vocals, these delay and reverb modules ensure that the pedal has plenty of dedicated features to offer MOOER’s guitarist fanbase. As is common with MOOER products, AUTUNER features a wide range of control mechanisms. In addition to the left footswitch’s dual functionality, the right footswitch also acts as a bypass for the pitch correction and effects, whilst still ensuring the tone processing remains active. The pedal’s tonal enhancements can then be fully bypassed with the ‘flat’ tone option. In addition to its core features, the MVP1 AUTUNER also includes a gain dial, a 48V phantom power switch for internal microphone amplification, a grounding switch, and a DC 9V 1500mA power input. Overall, the features of this pedal ensure that vocalists and guitarists alike have everything they need for impressive pitch correction, vocal synthesis, and special processing, whilst ensuring that they never have to rely on external batteries.

  • vocal / guitar effect pedal
  • pitch correction feature with a controllable sensitivity dial
  • footswitch-controllable vocal synthesizer mode
  • three vocal tone modes: flat, warm, and bright
  • four delay modes: tape, digital, slapback, and OFF
  • four reverb modes: room, hall, plate, and OFF
  • delay and reverb effects can be used for vocals and guitar
  • tap tempo footswitch for delay speed
  • Bypass footswitch functionality for isolating the tone from effects
  • multifunctional footswitches for "hidden mode"
  • two output modes: mixed and individual
  • controls for Correction, Delay, Reverb, Gain
  • LED button for tonal control
  • optional 48V phantom power
  • grounding switch
  • switch to select between microphone level and line level
  • metal housing
  • XLR input/output
  • 6.3 mm mono jack input/output
  • power supply via included 9V DC adapter, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • battery operation not supported
  • current draw 1.5 A
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 125 x 86.6 x 60 mm / 4.92" x 3.41" x 2.36"
  • weight 370 g / 0.82 lbs
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