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A versatile guitar setup - status quo

In some situations, a guitarist just needs more than one guitar. A cover gig, for example, can turn into a battle of materials pretty quickly. In addition to the favourite Tele, at least one Les Paul also has to be on stage. After all, the setlist includes some hefty Rock'n'Roll. And for the ballads, the Strat with its bell-like clean sound is unavoidable, and so the workplace gets fuller. Amp and cab need some space as well. And without some nice effect pedals, the whole thing is not only less fun, but it also sounds too dry. With the now existing modeling and profiling amps you can reduce all of that considerably, and you have all the sounds for a long show in a handy format with you everywhere. But digital technology not only awakens the play instinct, it also might make you lazy.

Reduced to the maximum

At this point, Mooer simply thinks one step further, as consistently as radically! In the field of effect pedals, Mooer has proven many times that they can combine fantastic-sounding amp and cab simulations with high-quality and flexible effects, at attractive prices! Implementing this technique in a guitar and therefore providing a true all-in-one solution is a revolutionary idea. Whether at a gig, rehearsal or while preparing and practicing at home, you always have your guitars, amps, cabs and effects with you. And especially for making your practicing more efficient, the integrated looper is extremely useful. And you get all of that in a single guitar! The Mooer GTRS Guitars (Mooer GTRS Guitars | Electric Guitars | Instruments | W-Music Distribution ( offer top workmanship, super solid construction, best tonewoods and high-quality hardware. You simply plug your guitar cable directly into the console, an audio interface or into an amp, and off you go. It's never been easier and more convenient...

What does GTRS offer you, and what can it do?

First of all, the GTRS system is an electric guitar that comes in its high quality GTRS gig bag. The light, resonant body is made of American basswood or alder, while the neck consists of "roasted" maple. For the fingerboard, you can choose between maple or rosewood. The Standard 800, 801 and Professional 800 models represent a traditional, strat-like design, while the Wing 800 & 900 models are modern guitars featuring an innovative headless design. The modern C-profile of the neck feels comfortable, right from the start. But this is where that Mooer's GTRS guitar starts to get really exciting! If you look closely, you will see a button that you won't find on conventional guitars. The "Super Knob" can be rotated and pressed, and it glows! And what it does is pretty amazing! With each press, a new preset is selected, which represents a complete sound. Amp, cab, and all important types of effects can be stored in such a preset. And just as a reminder: You run your cable directly from the input jack of the Mooer guitar into a mixing console, recording interface or an amp. Let all the different tones of the presets inspire you or create your own sounds using the free GTRS app for your smartphone or tablet. It shows you the effect chain in a very clear way, enabling you to change all the parameters very intuitively. From a crunchy single coil pickup tone to a fat humbucker lead sound with reverb and delay, from a dry, clean channel to an effect-charged ambient sound, everything is possible here. Guitar simulation, GTR processor system with high quality guitar effects and even On-The-Go recording, all in one instrument! Recording? You read correctly! Because in addition to the usual output jack, a Mooer GTRS guitar also offers an USB C output. USB OTG recording, just with the guitar, a laptop and a cable, from a song idea to a crazy solo, everything is possible, anytime and anywhere. But this complete package offers you very useful and practical features for everyday use as well. In addition to the aforementioned looper, you will also find a chromatic tuner and a metronome in the GTRS app. Practicing or jamming should be just as much fun, no matter where you are!

But Mooer goes one step further! For example, the GTRS Wing W900 (Mooer GTRS Guitars Wing 900 Intelligent Guitar (W900) with Wireless System - Aurora Green | W-Music Distribution ( is equipped with a high-quality wireless system. The transmitter is integrated into the guitar, and the required, compact receiver is included. Speaking of wireless: The Super Knob on the Mooer GTRS guitar is not the only possibility to switch the patches. There is also the convenient way to use the optional GWF4. Simply use a footswitch to select all your sounds - wirelessly, of course! (Mooer GTRS Wireless Footswitch (GWF4) | W-Music Distribution (

The Mooer GTRS guitars are truly more than an evolution! With all their built-in features, as useful as inspiring, they are the next generation of the electric guitar! And you get all of that in the proven Mooer quality, at really attractive prices! Choose your model at W-Music Distribution today and have fun and be creative - anytime, anywhere! (Mooer GTRS Guitars | Electric Guitars | Instruments | W-Music Distribution (