EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids - Stereo Flanging Device

Product nr.: EQD PYRAMIDS

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Built upon the same proprietary DSP architecture as the smash-hit Avalanche Run, Pyramids is a... more
EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids - Stereo Flanging Device
Built upon the same proprietary DSP architecture as the smash-hit Avalanche Run, Pyramids is a Stereo Flanging Device with five user-definable presets (a first for any EarthQuaker Devices pedal!), eight flanger modes, tap tempo, tap subdivision, a multifunction Modify control, positive and negative feedback, and a variable Mix control, which is something you don’t see on a flanger every day. Pyramids “Activate” footswitch features EarthQuaker Devices’ exclusive Flexi-Switch technology. This relay-based true-bypass switching platform allows for momentary or latching operation, making it easier than ever to engage the effect to bedazzle individual notes or phrases!

  • Flanger effects pedal
  • digital operation
  • 5 user-definable presets + Live Mode
  • true stereo operation
  • all-analog dry and all-digital wet signal path
  • 8 flanger modes (Classic, Through-Zero, Barber Pole Up, Barber Pole Down, Trigger Up, Trigger Down, Step, Random)
  • allows side chain flanging
  • positive and negative feedback
  • Flexi-Switch™ footswitch works as momentary or latching switch
  • tap tempo functionality with tap tempo subdivisions
  • selectable true / trails bypass
  • controls for Mix, Width, Rate Manual, Feedback and Modify
  • 8-way Mode rotary switch
  • 6-way Presets rotary switch
  • Rate & Tap toggle switch for selecting Tap Tempo sub divisions (Slow / Normal / Fast)
  • Activate footswitch
  • silent relay-based soft touch switching
  • Tap footswitch
  • status LEDs
  • metal housing
  • 2 x 6.3 mm mono (L / R) in- / outputs
  • 6.3 mm TRS for expression input for controlling Manual in all modes
  • power supply via included 9V DC adapter 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • battery operation not supported
  • dimensions (D x W x H) 140 mm x 120 mm x 57 mm
  • current draw 425 mA
  • hand made in USA
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