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The master shows how it's done!

If you are wondering how circuit guru Robert Keeley is doing: Absolutely great! At the Keeley Electronics location in Oklahoma City, the production was extended to neighboring buildings because most processes are done inhouse now. Son-in-law Aaron Tackett, who is responsible for the digital designs for a while already, and three more electronic engineers are safeguarding the future, constantly creating exciting new products. Last but not least, it also shows in the fair pricing that Keeley’s company is definitely no longer a small boutique shop. Here are their latest releases:

DDR – Drive Delay Reverb

With a compact combination of the essential guitar effects, the DDR pedal is a wise choice for spontaneous gigs as well as overcrowded boards. Its sounds, as can be expected from Keeley, are first-class. On one side: the two drive styles Crunch (a gritty British tube combo) and Lead (a warm, dark, mid-pushed overdrive). On the other side: the WET section (usable with or without Trails) with a spring and a plate reverb, as well as an analog and a digital Delay.Thanks to a built-in effects loop, other effects units can be plugged in between the two sections. At the same time, the DDR effects are highly compatible with modern switching systems.

Fuzz Bender – Hybrid Fuzz

The old question “Silicon or Germanium?” becomes superfluous with this maximally versatile 3-transistor hybrid fuzz. On top of that, two active EQ gyrators with up to 20dB boost, as well as a bias control for adjusting attack and decay. The result: an awesome sounding fuzz offering a great variety of finely tweaked settings – far beyond the options of any standard squarewave fuzz!

Synth-1 – Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator

This unbelievably nice sounding single-note wave generator works great with guitar and bass, but also with most diverse sound and rhythm generators. With three wave forms to choose from, the Synth-1 does crazy fuzz tones and swelling sounds á la “Slow Gear”. The input signal can be completely removed or dialed in steplessly. Optionally, the filter can be dynamically controlled with an expression pedal. With the Chaos switch, two different tracking variants are selectable.

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