Framus - Legacy Series

The story of Framus began on January 1st 1946 when the "Fränkische Musikinstrumentenerzeugung Fred Wilfer KG" was founded in Erlangen/Bavaria. Framus grew quickly, became one of the most important European manufacturers of acoustic and electric stringed instruments, and was active in the market until the end of the 1970s. During these successful years, the founder’s son, Hans-Peter Wilfer, spent his childhood growing up in the workshops. At the age of 24, he created the Warwick company in 1982 and later revived Framus as a guitar brand. The Legacy Series invokes this longer than 50 years lasting tradition of instrument manufacturing with classic acoustic guitar designs. Thanks to a variety of models and features, these well-crafted high-quality instruments offer differentiated tonal characters and comfortable playability to satisfy the needs of modern musicians.

Product overview